We the Youth: Online Hackathon

We the Youth: Online Hackathon

It is an open call for We the Youth: Online Hackathon by Atölye, UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office, PETRI Sofia, and Y-PEER.

“We the Youth” Hackathon’s goal is to strengthen youth organizations to be more inclusive, effective, and collaborative as well as to look for the ways to advance social change and address the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged youth. The hackathon aims to increase the civic participation of youth so that they can be better informed about political processes and be effective agents in policy development. By empowering young people to be politically active, it serves to equip them with tools and resources to keep politicians accountable and follow up on their promises.

On 11 – 13 December, we are organizing an online youth hackathon. It is a space for young people to define challenges and find solutions.

The event will bring together young activists and youth organizations to address the following questions:

  • How can youth organizations become more inclusive, effective, and collaborative in mobilizing young people and addressing youth issues with a focus on disadvantaged youth?
  • How can young activists hold policymakers accountable in delivering their promises to young people?
  • What can young activists/youth organizations do in order for their voices to influence the sustainable development agenda?

The Hackathon will be in English & Russian

Don’t miss out – bring your voice to help strengthen youth organizations and address young people’s issues! Apply by 8 December, 23:59 (GMT +3).

Sürdürülebilirliğimizi sağlamak için bize buradan kahve ısmarlayarak destek olabilirsiniz!

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