Kultur und Art Initiative Detmold – Internship Call

Kultur und Art Initiative Detmold - Internship Call
Kultur und Art Initiative Detmold – Internship Call

Company description

Since 2004 we organize yearly:

– International Short Film Festival Detmold (fest-der-filme.de)

In 15 years over 5000 films were showed.

– Get Your Own Picture (getyourownpicture.com)

international film workshops with festival character in Germany and in the EU. During this time over 100 films were made.

“Kultur und Art”  is an internationally highly valued and globally networked initiative that cooperates with several partners.


Association work, Support of the team, support of the film workshops, responsibility for people and technology, orientation of the International Film Festival, documentation

Main Purpose

The aim of the internship program at “Kultur und Art” is to involve intern to Youth Information and Empowerment activities applying Project Development, Media & Communication at “Kultur und Art” in order to develop his/her personal, educational and professional skills.


  • Writing / developing projects.
  • Developing creative visual materials. (press work, flyer and poster design)
  • Preparing/Designing/Translating content for websites and sharing it through e-mail and social media.
  • Dealing with digital film technology not required (but would be beneficial)
  • Have no obstacle to travel
  • It is necessary to good know english (at least B2)
  • Language; German, English, Turkish. Like other languages.

What are the advantages of being in a team?

++ Working in a big team during the film festival. Build networking work with professional people. 

++ Own small films are often produced at the event.

++ How to learn basics for directing, screenplay, production, camera, sound, editing, acting, evaluation, distribution. 

++ It creates a group feeling and the tasks are fun, because they promote creativity and improvisation.

++ We inspire you and share our knowledge with you.

++ You get on request a certificate and referance letter.

++ Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

++ Cultural awareness and expression.

++ Free participation in international projects.

Additional Information

Expected working hours: The interns will work online couple days a week. 

Training course: As well as the practical projects, Kultur und Art offers the young interns two different types of training: PCM and Volunteering. 

Review: Regular meetings will be organized with supervisor of the intern for evaluating the program outputs. 

Internship is voluntary but internship certificate and reference letter will be provided and encouraged to participate in international projects.



[email protected]

Charles-Lindbergh-Ring 10

32756 Detmold

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