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Dünya Doktorları Derneği (DDD) is a humanitarian, impartial and independent non-governmental organisation based in Turkey, facilitating access to health care to populations affected by armed conflicts, internal violence, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty or exclusion. It seeks to stimulate and enlist voluntary commitment from medical and health care providers, and those with expertise in other fields.

DDD in Turkey, in collaboration with different partners, is running projects aiming at facilitating access and orienting beneficiaries to primary and secondary level of health care services, providing Mental Health & Psychosocial Support and Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation services to the refugees and migrants in Turkey.

Please visit www.dunyadoktorlari.org.tr to learn more.


Since the beginning of the Syrian and Iraqi crises, a massive influx of external population movements have taken place through the Turkish border into inside Turkey. Over 3 million refugees, migrants & asylum seekers are currently hosted in Turkey which led to an increasing demand for health services and put a serious burden on the system. A need arose for permanent health facilities to provide services; and hence improve access to the services to a large number of refugees and migrants.

In this context, Dünya Doktorları Derneği’s intervention aims at assisting the local public health system in providing and improving access to health and health related services to vulnerable populations among refugees and migrants in Turkey, specifically in Hatay, Izmir and Istanbul provinces.

Istanbul operations

Istanbul operations gradually grew around three main objectives:

  • Provision of Basic Health Care services, referrals and basic reproductive health services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Provision of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Contribute to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers inclusion and recognition through consolidation and collaboration with public services providers

Hierarchical & Functional links

The Field Coordinator reports directly to the Operations Coordinator.

S/he manages directly the project team:

  • Logistic / Admin Manager (in charge of a support team 1 admin officer; 1 logistic officer, 1 admin assistant and a pool of drivers)
  • MHPSS Officer
  • Medical Referent
  • Field Manager (in charge of following up Field teams in 2 MHPSS centers in Sultangazi and Bagcilar for a total of 15 staff each)
  • Translator

Essential Duties

  • Base Management
  • Program Management
  • Logistics/Finance/Administration
  • Human Resources Management
  • Representation
  • Safety Management
  • Reporting


1. Base Management

  • Ensure adequate information flow within the different teams;
  • Oversee and coordinate the general functioning of the base, and all departments / services;
  • Create/maintain a “team spirit” within the different departments, amongst the staff and with implementing partner/s;

2. Program management

  • Ensure smooth implementation of the project according to project proposal including budget monitoring of activities;
  • Ensure the implementation of the program and its follow-up in its different aspects: logistical, administrative and program;
  • Continuously assess the needs & adjust the programmes to the needs in collaboration with the Operations and MHPSS Coordinators, as well as Medical Referent;
  • Supervise and design project activities;
  • Draw up plans, proposals and budgets for new projects/extensions of projects in conjunction with the relevant team, program and financial staff;
  • Work closely with DDD local partner to develop their capacity and make sure that partnership agreement and overall project is implemented properly;
  • Follow up project implementation by local partner and make sure that projects indicators, activities and management are in line with donor and DDD standards;
  • Assess the beneficiaries and program needs and implement procedures and protocols in line with DDD guidelines;
  • Provide technical assistance and train DDD and partner staff on the ground.

3. Logistics/Finance/Administration

  • Ensure familiarity with donor compliance issues, ensuring all projects are in compliant with donor/s and DDD procedures;
  • Ensure appropriate administrative, financial and logistical DDD systems/procedures are in place, maintained and adhered to so that all support functions are carried out effectively and efficiently;
  • Ensure regular communications are maintained between the different departments and act as a mediator when necessary;
  • Responsible for accurate budget control and follow up and overall responsibility for financial management at the project site in line with project proposals (DDD and implementing partner);
  • Monitor expenditure and budget compliance on a regular basis, report any concerns to the Finance Coordinator and develop plans to mitigate any under or over expenditure at project level;
  • Monitor procurement process compliance with DDD and donor policy;
  • Assess the support departments’ needs and implement procedures in line with the DDD and donor standards.

4. Human Resource Management

  • Develop and maintain an effective field based team, which includes program and support staff;
  • Supervise the overall project teams and ensure close collaboration between the logistics, program and administrative departments and good team spirit;
  • Responsible for the well-being of all team members; conduct regular team building activities;
  • Where relevant, contribute to recruitment and selection of national staff;
  • Responsible for national staff selection, recruitment, and disciplinary and grievance procedures;
  • Maintain good inter-team communications, engender good team dynamics, and take suitable action when problems occur;
  • Support team members professionally and monitor and support stress management, including regular documented team meetings for planning and reporting purposes;
  • Carry out appraisals as per DDD standard requirements and procedures;
  • Ensure all new team members are adequately briefed on arrival in the field, and departing team members are debriefed;
  • Responsible for capacity building and training of staffs under your management;
  • Monitor human resources compliance with DDD HR process and report any concerns to the appropriate Coordinator.

5. Representation

  • Liaise with relief committees, public authorities, services providers and community leaders;
  • Actively Coordinate with the other (I)NGOs, UN agencies, local government bodies and other relevant parties
  • Carry out representation with other NGOs, UN agencies, local and national government bodies, donors, public services providers and other relevant parties, whenever relevant and with the Operations Coordinator approval;
  • Participate on a regular basis to all relevant meetings and be collaborative and build a strong relationship with all partners working in the area;
  • Participate to meeting with local authorities along with partners, if relevant.

6. Safety Management

  • Continuously assess the humanitarian and security situation in the field and timely inform Operations Coordinator;
  • Ensure team security and safety in collaboration with the coordination team to ensure compliance with security regulations.
  • Ensure that appropriate security guidelines are developed, communicated, adhered to, and regularly reviewed with the Coordination Team.

7. Reporting

  • Produce monthly reports on project achievements and donor reports as requested;
  • Elaborate monthly coordination report with the coordination team;
  • Ensure regular contacts with Operations Coordinator;
  • Participate to proposals & reports to donors;
  • Provide a mission report and/or handover document at the end of contract.

NB: considering the purpose and values of the organisation, DDD requests to its employee complete flexibility in term of duties and commitment, as their job description can be adjusted throughout the year according to needs and priorities.

Expected profile

Professional Experience

  • Experience with an international NGO working in emergency contexts, managing programmes, preferably within the health sector.
  • Previous experience of project planning and budget holding; proposal and report writing.
  • Knowledge and understanding of project management tools (Logical Framework analysis, project cycle management, objectives and indicators etc.)
  • Experience of security management at the field site level
  • Confident and proficient in the use of MS Office
  • Capacity building and training of local partners

Skills and qualities required

  • Strong leadership skills and a supportive management style (experience managing national and expatriate staff)
  • Experience in management of multi projects budgets
  • Knowledge of Saga is an asset
  • Ability to work under a minimum of supervision
  • Willing to live and work in challenging conditions
  • Reactivity, anticipation, adaptability, capacity to take initiatives
  • Strong problem solving and organisational skills in day to day and crisis situations
  • Ability to classify and to manage priorities
  • Listening and diplomacy skills
  • Team spirit
  • Sense of humour
  • Capacity to work and to live in tense conditions


  • Excellent command of English is a must (oral and written);
  • Turkish, Arabic an added value


  • Send your application file (CV and motivation letter in one file) in English to: [email protected]. Please indicate in the email content where you found our Vacancy Announcement.
  • Please include “FieldCo-IST and your full name” in the subject line of the email. Email applications without this subject will not be considered.
  • The deadline for submitting the applications is 18th February 2018.

Due to the urgency to fill this post, DDD reserves the right to review the CVs on a rolling basis and selected candidates may be interviewed prior to the closing dates listed.

DDD is not in a position to respond to every applicant individually due to the anticipated high number of applications.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.

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