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Vacancy: Director of Turkey Office, Istanbul

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) is an independent academic institution established in 1984. RWI has since 1990 been carrying out a wide range of cooperation programmes internationally in the human rights field, mainly with the support of Swedish Development Cooperation.

RWI cooperation in Turkey started in 1997. Since then, RWI has been engaged in cooperation to primarily strengthen the human rights performance of legal education and justice sector institutions, as well as other state implementation and monitoring bodies. Since 2006, the Institute has maintained a presence in Istanbul, responsible for the RWI operations in Turkey. RWI is currently in the process of registering operations in Turkey.


The Raoul Wallenberg Institute is currently seeking candidates for the position as Director of the Institute’s Turkey Office. The position is full-time and will include a six-month probationary period, with start date in December 2016 at the earliest. The initial contract is until 31 December 2017, with possible extension.

The Office Director’s primary responsibilities are to ensure the effective planning, management, coordination and follow-up of the work and activities falling under the Office’s mandate so as to achieve expected results, enhancing the overall impact, quality and coordination of RWI’s activities in Turkey, and that the Office and its resources are managed efficiently.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Director of Programmes, the Office Director’s main tasks include:

  • Managing and coordinating the RWI operations in Turkey;
  • Managing the affairs, staff and premises of the RWI Office in Turkey;
  • Monitoring budgets and overseeing financial reporting related to the work of RWI in Turkey;
  • Regularly assessing developments and results of RWI’s work in Turkey and preparing periodic reports on the same;
  • Assessing new opportunities for RWI to pursue in Turkey, and developing proposals for new initiatives;
  • Staying informed of relevant developments concerning the work of the Office;
  • Participating in meetings of relevance to the Office’s work, including with relevant Swedish and foreign authorities and organisations;
  • Initiating and maintaining regular contact with relevant authorities, organisations, donors, etc.; and
  • Contributing to relevant organisational development initiatives of the Institute and other joint Institute initiatives.

The position will involve periodic travel to RWI activity sites in primarily Turkey to facilitate the development of new initiatives and oversee the implementation of current activities. At times, the workload can be high.


  • Strong knowledge of international human rights theory and practice, including university degree with preferably a specialisation in international human rights law or related field;
  • A minimum of seven years of professional experience in human rights or related fields, including management of international development programmes;
  • Significant knowledge of and relevant experiences from human rights capacity development work in Turkey;
  • Strong understanding of the socio-political context in Turkey and access to a broad network of contacts with/in institutions and organisations in Turkey;
  • Strong experience of results based management and monitoring and evaluation;
  • Experience of gender mainstreaming work is an asset;
  • Solid office management and leadership experience and skills, including when it comes to staff supervision and coordination;
  • Considerable knowledge of means and methods of international development cooperation;
  • Fluency in English. Knowledge of Turkish highly desirable;
  • Demonstrated organisational, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to take initiatives and prioritise work tasks;
  • Flexibility and ability to work independently under pressure and complete tasks within given timeframes;
  • Proven skills to work in teams and generate innovative, practical solutions to challenging situations;
  • Supportive of a learning organisation with a strong ability to innovate, share knowledge and convey experiences; and
  • Flexible and proactive mind-set with a desire to continuously improve work performance.

Application procedure

Please note that we only accept applications via the RWI website. To apply for the position, please submit your curriculum vitae, including references and copies of relevant certificates, and cover letter by clicking on “Apply” and follow the instructions.

The deadline for applications is 28 November 2016 and we continuously evaluate candidates, so please apply as soon as possible.

For further information regarding the position, please contact Ville Forsman, Programme Manager ([email protected]), or Johannes Eile, Director of Programmes ([email protected]). For information regarding the recruitment process, please contact Susanna Jansson, Head of Human Resources ([email protected]).

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