is an online communication platform for all of the shareholders in civil society.

You can keep yourselves informed about the current job opportunities, training calls, grant announcements in civil society through this platform and reach an archieve of edition prepared to empower and improve this field.

Our purpose is to become a user-friendly online platform conveying the developments in civil society to all of the organizations and individuals interested in this field in the fastest and most up-to-date way.
We would love to share your news/announcements/events on our platform which is visited by 60 thousand people monthly on an average.

All of your job advertisements/announcements/events published on our page are continued to be shared through our social media accounts as well until the advertisement/announcement/event receives enough applications throughout the time that they last. Additionally, we make sure that they stand out by providing the exclusive mailing service through our email bulletin and placing Facebook ads via our Facebook page.

For more information, please contact us via [email protected] is not an employment agency; rather, it is an online platform publishing the job opportunities in the civil society. It doesn’t collect personal backgrounds for applications or accept or evaluate job applications. Those who would like to make job applications are supposed to send their applications directly to the own system or e-mail address of the nonprofit organization itself.

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